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Danforth Road was named for contractor Asa Danforth Jr., who built portions of what would become Queen Street and Kingston Road. The Danforth consists of a vibrant array of ethnicities, including Greek, Chinese, Muslim and South Asian communities. It hosts a multitude of lifestyles, including enviro-chic, vegan-friendly sensibilities alongside the city’s biggest celebration of meat on a skewer; known as the Taste of the Danforth. Venturing east and west along Danforth gives way to some great places to visit like the restored Danforth Music Hall, and most of all an amazing assortment of restaurants that can be found within walking distance of home. Public transportation is convenient and easily accessible throughout the area. In 2003, it was given its current boundaries, which consist of the part of the City of Toronto bounded on the south by Lake Ontario and Toronto Harbour, on the east by Coxwell Avenue and Coxwell Boulevard, on the north by Taylor Creek and the Don River East Branch, and on the west by the Don River.